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Royal Enfield Spare Parts

Sethis Crafts Royal EnfieldWelcome to Sethis Crafts - Royal Enfield, the Royal Enfield restorers and spares specialists. To many folks, the new bullets have failed to recreate the look and the elegance associated to a classic Royal Enfield. The grace of these early models are timeless. The trouble is that so few old classic Royal Enfield bikes are visible now a days and the few classic bikes that do reach the market are hardly affordable. Here is where we excel We help in sourcing superior quality authentic spares and Royal Enfield bikes of models predominantly before 1970. On request, we can help in offering the complete line of royal enfield engine parts that can improve your engine performance.

Designed with precision, our sourced engine parts are widely appreciated by clients the world over. This venture was started on a humble note when a Royal Enfield owner approached us with a request to restore his bike. Ever since we have had an overwhelming response. After getting recognition for our restoration works ,we have managed to carve a niche in this field. We offer a complete array of restored Royal Enfields from the yester era of the 50's ,60's and 70's.As we would like to add that we are not running a garage of any sorts, how ever we can help you into getting some of the best Royal Enfield Specialists.


For those who want to relive the bygone era of the Royal Enfields of the yester year (mainly fifties and the sixties),we can help them in sourcing the stock vintage spares and also best custom parts for modifying the otherwise ordinary looking royal enfield bullet. On order we can deliver the same at your door-step, most cost-effectively. The overwhelming response and the lovely feedbacks, makes us strive more harder to provide you the best quality spares and accessories along with the best of services. We thank all our customers and royal enfield owners who have contributed a lot in helping other royal enfield enthusiasts. Fortunately, we are in a position to access a huge range of items which includes a kit comprising of a front mudguard with number plate mounted on it, along with three stays , back mudguard with fitting clamps, back number plate(50's type), dunlop wheel rims and taper type spokes, split leather seats, seat plate(small sized), air filter body(round shaped), leather accessories, side metal all utility boxes with fitting carriers, magneto with dynamo, short lucas delco, 6volt battery, speedometer(smith), heavy duty silencer(army type), cycle type hubs, round shaped horn cum dimmer switches, solid brass emblems for tank , side tool boxes and for front and back mudguards, centre stand, back side stand(pin type), foot rest rods(cast iron), brake pedals(cast iron) and lots of other items too, the pictures of which can be seen by going to the link Gallery on this site. Over all the bike will have an appeal which will seldom go unnoticed. We assure you that. Once again you can enjoy the ultimate Royal Enfield ride that this beautiful machine is associated with for almost a generation now.

As we do not manufacture or indulge in any sorts of commercial sales aspects, all those who want to associate with us should be the kind who can appreciate the product, depending on the condition and more importantly the availability of the desired spares. Please do not ask for price reduction. If you feel they are too high , please DO NOT BUY !. However your valued suggestions and comments are welcomed to improve upon our standards and services. In short our top priority will be in getting associated with people who can appreciate our efforts in trying to help them restore their bikes in the true sense.

We would like to add that apart from assisting in the job of restoring old ROYAL ENFIELD's , on order, we are now actively involved in the aspect of purchasing old vintage bikes to the likes of AJS, ARIEL, BSA, MATCHLESS, NORTON, SUNBEAM , TRIUMPH and other old British and American bikes from those who can be of a great help in this venture by engaging/considering us as their best opportunity, to which we shall honour in the best possible manner. This is being done with the novel idea of setting up an old bikes museum in this part of the world, as a true and righteous tribute to Late. Sardar Harbans Singhji Sethi, who has been the inspiration for this entire project.